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Learn everything you need to about LePage specifications and performance ratings for all of the products that they offer.

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All our products are manufactured according to strict quality guidelines. They are inspected and wrapped before shipping. They must be handled with care during installation. If they need to be warehoused, choose a dry location.


We recommend that the rough opening should be bigger than the frame dimension by 1″ (25mm) on width and 1/2″ (12mm) on height. The product must not support any other weight than its own weight after it is properly installed.


The product must be centered in the opening, plumb and square. I will be perfectly square when both diagonal measurements are identical. Verify level at the sill and on one of the jamb members. Use proper shims to fix the product in the wall: the enclosed drawing show where to position the shim(approx. every 15″/380mm). Before screws are permanently installed, check the operation of venting sections. When installing insulation material, be careful not to bow the frame members by using too mush insulation.


When installing a wood hung window, make sure to position the window in the opening before cutting the shipping strap, then install the shims as described previously. Please note that when installing any wood or PVC hung window, s shim must been positioned on the side of the frame at the meeting rail.


All products should have appropriate flashing and sealant at the perimeter, according to accepted construction methods.

LePage window installation instructions

You must treat all wood surfaces of the products as soon as it is installed: our warranty stipulates that the product must be properly sealed within 6 months after the invoice date. Never paint or stain the weather strip, jamb liners, tracks or hardware: this could impair the product’s performance and air tightness.


Clean and lubricate hardware, jamb liners and tracks regularly. Only use a proper lubricant. Regularly verify the weather strip and replace them if needed.

LePage Maintenance


Make sure that there is sufficient ventilation in front of the window and maintain relative humidity at an acceptable level, in order to avoid too much condensation.


The following figure shows suggested relative humidity levels at a 68oF (20oC) interior temperature and for different exterior temperatures. By maintaining the humidity level at the suggested figure, you will help reduce surface condensation. (Source CMHC)

LePage Surface Condensation

Square Square Square Square